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Great Ol' school rpg

Reminds me of final fantasy 1 with the abilities of final fantasy tactics, and switching of roles like final fantasy online. I like it. Good investment.


So far so good, ill add to it once ive played some more.


An overall good time if your interested in the old school early SNES style of RPG gameplay. It strongly reminds me of Lufia on the aforementioned SNES in it's style, characters and gameplay. Worth the small price tag attached to the game

Nice rpg by kemco

Mobile rpg giant kemco has created another hit. Only suffers from somewhat cliche story and lackluster dialogue. Otherwise another excellent entry that stays true to old-school jrpgs.

Great so far

Only been playing for a few minutes. Know more later on.

Great game

Pretty easy to learn and a great story behind it. Just started but am addicted just 10 minutes into game play.


Kemco knew what they were doing, haha. The story is pretty good, although there are a lot of cliches and unexplained occurrences. However, it's in the RPG elements in which this game shines. In classic RPG sense, grinding remains as addicting-ly meticulous as ever. Combat feels amazing, and it's always fun to see how far your characters' growths are. On the exploration side, things are a little lackluster. There are multiple points in the story where you are forced to backtrack, and there is only one place ingame where you can change jobs/classes, which is annoying especially if you are a long distance away, don't have an item that grants you no encounters, and don't have the story given item that lets you teleport.

A solid rpg

While not the most innovative still a solid rpg. Though it's gameplay was for the most part very similar to the other games made by the same company it was nevertheless an enjoyable play.

I enjoy class system games

I enjoy the combat mechanics snd class system of the game. Definitely a mus have for the oldschool rpg lovers.

I really like this game

I like the class system but I haven't played a lot of games like this. I just wish I knew ahead of time how the classes worked as I would have leveled up my characters differently. I eventually looked for a walkthrough for one missing quest and the class system. I'm getting close to finishing the game and haven't found anything I disliked. It's not necessary to make any additional purchases and there are no ads.

Like old times.

Full of story & character like lunar the silver story. A classic rpg worth the purchase.

Actually pretty good and nostalgic

This game reminds me of lufia 1 (an rpg for snes and if you haven't played it... Go do so right now haha) plus a class system. Very nice touch, wish it would change your equip capabilities with each class though. Unless I missed that but don't think I can.


Another great rpg game from kemco

Worth it

Very good way to pass time...


It's a great app and kills a lot of time hard battling system wish they would make it 1v1

I like it

It's pretty alright for an RPG

Fun and simple

Easy to learn an entertaining. Great for a time killer and interesting battling system.

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